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The Clean-Up Has Begun. The Redesign Is About To Begin!


I am finally cleaning up the mess that was once one of the most popular blogs for pattern trading, and it is being resorted.

Among the initial things going on:

1) For now, the old ads are gone. They may return, but they should be more conveniently placed.

2) The cobwebs are being swept from the blogroll. More items will be added, and a few more my disappear.

3) I may decide to blow out some of the old content, though there will be some essential things left that are core to understanding what I do.


1) There should soon be an e-mail list being developed, not to bombard you with spam, but to provide you with valuable trading and investing content. I personally would like to know from those of you who are still around

a) how often you would like to see it.

b) other than references to my content or to my set-ups, what other information on either neural nets, technical analysis, or sector analysis you would like to see in it.

c) any other suggestions you might have to useful trading and investing information you would like to see. I know there is a ton of crap out there, but I have done my best in the past to provide high quality content, and I will  gladly do it again once I get my feet on the ground with this blog once more.

2) There is also going to be a membership site associated with my set-ups and, initially offered free, until there is a sufficient track record re-established, a portfolio listing of longer-term stock positions I will build. I am not yet certain how I will roll that out, but I think it is a worthwhile exercise, as I can show you my basic philosophy in regard to making and holding a portfolio.

I appreciate your patience during this transition. I have a lot of learning and re-design to do here, but I think, in the end, it will be worth it for you folks. I will not be as active in StockTwits as I was at the peak 4 or 5 years ago, as I do not have the time to devote that that, but, I can be a good provider or solid information, some of which will show up in the Twitterverse and other galaxies in the social media universe. Hopefully, this site will not be a drifting black hole in that universe, but a source of light :). Only time will tell!

Oh, most importantly, if you look at my blog roll, you will see a new addition, www.linkertrader.com. Bruce Linker, my partner, is a certified EasyLanguage Specialist. He will gladly offer this very thorough, fair, and affordable programming assistence if you have a strategy you would like to program into the TradeStation platform and automate. It is possible from time to time that I will be featuring a limited discussion of this topic, as well as a discussion of NeuroShell Day Trader Professional, in upcoming posts. The key thing is, if you need programming assistance, Bruce Linker will help you!

I will now be getting back to rebuilding the database, re-establishing the neural net infrastructure, and gearing up the charting over the next few weeks. I am pretty confident this will succeed, because I am good at this (as many of you have told me, and that I know myself, having done this, when you begin to count this year, over 30 years). Back to the grind. No bulls, no bears, only BUFFALO! I wish all of you the healthiest, happiest, and most prosperous year in 2015! You all deserve it. I cannot wait to make this a blog you will anticipate and enjoy learning (and hopefully making money from)!

Once again, thank you for supporting this blog!

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