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Here Is A Great Idea That YOURS TRULY Just Created


I used to keep paper trading journals that would discuss what I did (right and wrong, but primarily WRONG) during the day, so that I can review and learn from them.

With all I have going on, I find that to be a pain in the butt. What I did starting today involves using wordpress.com and their free blog feature. What did I do, you might ask?

I actually created a trading journal private blog for myself. I can attach screen shots using SnagIt (which I use a lot) and I can write down what I did during the day and produce the spreadsheet result on the bottom.

It does a few things for me:

1) Because I can type, it eliminates paper and mess.

2) I can place images and directly place it on a screen so I can refer to it without having to drag it out of a file.

3) It makes it neat and tidy and orderly so I can see everything in the order that it occurs, and I can react to it and review over the weekend.

If you want to do the same, you get 3GB of free storage at wordpress.com, and you can name the blog anything you want ( as long as the name has not been taken).

I think it is a simplified way for you to learn from your own mistakes and to develop trading discipline. It also becomes a normal routine for you if you continue to dedicate time to it (and I think everyone should).

Gotta go work on getting data for the blog now. Give this idea a try. I think it will pay you dividends in the long run (and hopefully short-term and even long-term capital gains :D) ).


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