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Some Days It Doesn’t Pay For My Network To Get Out of Bed…..ONE MORE DELAY!

After going through a dry run with AAPL (Apple Inc.) with NeuroShell Trader, on Friday afternoon, I thought all was ready to go for a Monday test run for one day’s worth of stock selections, just like in the old days ( is 2004 to 2010 considered the old days?). Well, as it turns out, when I got ready to initiate some new neural net charts tonight (needing statistical verification), I began to receive error messages from the math engine in the software that there were multiple calculation problems, and that the software HAD to shut down (as if it would really know it had to). I have sent the technical reports to Ward Systems as the software directs, but I am almost certain it is a network problem on this end (which will be found via the error message, as it has in the past).

Looks like it is another mea culpa for me this time. Lets see how the analysis goes and give me at least a day to run tests on the problem, and I will return ASAP to finish the situation.

I am currently dragging video equipment into my makeshift studio and I will shoot a short video asking readers specific questions about what you want out of this blog. I can create a multitude of products, but unless I know precisely what you want, I will be wasting my time, and I refuse to do that, not just for my sake, but for yours. I want to provide you a useful and valuable service. When I was cranking out trades left and right on StockTwits 7 years ago, I focused only on swing trading stocks. I know some of you want short blurbs with charts (like my content partner). I have had hedge fund managers and independent traders want more in-depth technical analysis like my long-form analyses. I can do a broad range short-term, intermediate term (6 months to 2 years) and even a long-term portfolio too, but again, that will depend upon you and your needs.

I will be back ASAP with a healed software package and network difficulties resolved. Thanks for your patience, and THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING TO SUPPORT THIS BLOG!

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