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Finally, THE VIDEO IS HERE! And I Have A Favor To Ask To Understand What You Want

Cartoon by Mark Anderson at Andertoons.com


I will NEVER be a video producer, editor, or director. With all the problems I have had over the last two weeks with Adobe Creative Cloud’s insistence on perfect codec, I had to rely on Camtasia to finish the final edit and render. That is why there is an imbalance in sound level. I will get with Adobe this week to see what tweak needs to be made to resolve the sound errors. I was so hoping to have titles and fade-away cuts without having to rely on the green screen. Well, perfection is the enemy of completion. I will improve. Please watch the video at the bottom, as it outlines my future plans to improve content here to where it was back in the glory days.

This post is designed to re-familiarize you with my trading work and my background, and to ask a question regarding the product that I may create soon for this blog and hopefully soon to be authority site.

To hear an interview regarding my basic style of trading, click here.

Other things I have done include

I participated in what is now tradingmarkets. com for a number of years in the late 1990s. In 2004, I began to write for MrSwing.com when it was a very popular trader website and bulletin board forum. That is where my neural net trade set-ups were featured before appearing on this blog in 2008. I was actively involved in the foundational days of Stocktwits and wrote their personal finance blog for two years. In the early days, I was also one of the most followed traders on Stocktwits.  I was also featured on Vince Rowe’s radio show on BizRadioNetwork for five years from 2005 until early 2011. Though I was not totally responsible, the podcasts (for which I was featured once to twice a week) were rated #2 on iTunes during that period. I was probably the first trader to ever have been featured on a Webex simulcast with AM radio to demonstrate trade set-ups on my computer screens to listeners around the world who heard the simulcast of the internet. From the responses I got from listeners, and participation in my blog, I know I made a positive impact.

Though I am not a Chartered Market Technician, I am an associate member of the Market Technicians Association. I have well over 30 years of experience looking at and analyzing charts.

To read my short bio, go here:

Here is the video:

On that comment at the end regarding trading models, at the moment, I am the only one trading the models in real time. Bruce and I have considered marketing these models once we are totally satisfied with their stability and the stability of the trading platform is operated within.  It will take coordination, testing, and probably legal review as well, before we can market them, but we are still considering it. Given the improvements and bug fixes with the current platform we use, I am proceeding with further live tasts. The statistics below are not final, but they are indications of what future statistics could be like if we are satisfied with model stability and robustness.

The stats are here and the equity curve is here.

Thanks again for supporting the blog. The marketing funnel is coming soon!

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